Product number: H112B

A small-scale accessory designed to experimentally investigate the basic principles of radial heat conduction and to allow the thermal conductivity of the solid metal disc to be determined.

An insulated, 110mm diameter brass disc 3.2mm thick is heated in its centre by a nominal 100W heater (operating at 240v ac maximum) which is fitted with a high temperature limit switch. The power supplied to the heater is controlled and measured by the H112, Heat Transfer Service Unit.

The periphery of the disc is cooled by water passing through a copper tube bonded to the disc.

Six type K thermocouples are positioned at 10mm radial increments from the heated centre to the periphery. All six thermocouples plug directly into the H112, Heat Transfer Service Unit and temperatures are displayed on its digital panel meter.

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Specifications and resources

Heated Disc. Material: Brass, Ø110mm.
Brass Core: Ø14mm.
Disc Thickness: 3.2mm.
Radial interval of Thermocouples: 10mm