Product number: HSM15

The apparatus shows how the buckling mechanism occurs, and the influence of the end restraint. It comprises a sheet metal frame which supports four slender spring steel struts having loading platforms at their top ends. Each strut has a different end restraint so that comparisons can be instantly made in a highly visible way. End restraints are as follows:

a) Both ends pinned
b) One end pinned, the other end fixed
c) Both ends fixed
d) Base fixed, top free (Flagpole)

For the first three, the middle of the struts move inwards as the strut buckles. The loading platforms act through relatively friction free guide bushes.

On the back of the frame is a wipe able grid, which can be used to measure and draw the deflected strut shape onto. It can be cleaned easily. A complete Instruction manual is provided describing the apparatus, its application, experimental procedure and typical test results.

Specifications and resources

4 x struts
Strut: 180(L) x 9.5(W) x 0.5(H) mm, spring steel
End conditions: pinned, pinned/fixed, fixed flagpole
20mm square grid on back of frame
Weights set