Product number: HTM2

A wheel is attached to a differential axle assembly of Ø114mm (major axle) and Ø38mm (minor axle). The wheel and differential axle are secured to a shaft that runs in bearings within a sturdy wall mounting bracket. The necessary cords and Load hangers are provided and weights are included.

The three pulleys are fixed together to form a compound pulley. A single cord is attached to the wheel and wrapped around a number of times before hanging vertically and ending in a loop for the 'LOAD' hanger.

A second cord is attached between the major and minor axles. The cord is wrapped in differing directions onto each axle, and this direction can be changed for different parts of the experiments. A special hanger (EFFORT) is mounted to the cord of the axles that allows vertical suspension whilst the axles rotate.

Specifications and resources

Diameter of wheel: 170mm
Diameter of major axle: 100mm
Diameter of minor axle: 67mm
Velocity Ratio: 10.5 : 1
Maximum recommended Load: 50N
Weights set: 4 x 0.1N, 3 x 0.2N, 1 x 1N, 2 x 2N, 2 x 5N, 1 x 10N, 2 x 20N