Product number: H102

A bench mounted, panel with an integral electrical console that provides services for any of the 11 optional heat exchangers.

Temperature controlled hot water is provided from an electrically heated tank by a continuously rated fixed speed pump. Mains cold water is pressure regulated. Hot and Cold flow is controlled and measured using variable area flowmeters. The optional heat exchangers are connected to the service unit using non-drip, self-sealing couplings.

Electrical safety is provided by double pole overload and earth leakage circuit breakers. The hot water system is equipped with a safety temperature limiting device.

The standard instrumentation consists of up to 12 type T thermocouples, displayed on a digital panel meter, and two flowmeters for hot and cold fluids. These enable all relevant heat transfer calculations to be made. Optional Heat exchangers in some cases add other measurement configurations.

The H102 unit is available either with or without Computerised Data Acquisition (data logging). 

There are eleven (11) Heat Exchangers are available for students to experiment with, as follows:

Specifications and resources

11 x Heat Exchangers available
12 Temperature inputs
Hot water flow rate: 4…50 gm/s
Cold water flow rate: 4…50gm/s
Digital Temperature Indicator: 0.1°C resolution
Water Heater: 3kW immersion heater
Water heater protection: 80°C maximum thermostat