Product number: H981

The Hilton Temperature Measurement Methods and Calibration Unit H981 allows students to thoroughly examine a large variety of temperature measurement devices, how errors can be introduced and avoided, methods of calibration and the structure of the International Temperature Scale (ITS-90).

The bench mounted console provides power and connection points for a variety of instruments and sensors. The console is self contained and is supplied with a wide range of ancillary items and sensors that are stored in a latching aluminium case for security. The console also provides power for an external temperature controlled heater that allows sensor calibration and performance at elevated temperatures including the steam reference point (100°C). Alternatively this may be supplemented by the optional H981A Dry Well Calibrator.

An external stainless steel vacuum flask allows ice point reference to be established. Electrical safety is provided by a double pole overload and earth leakage circuit breakers.

Digital panel mounted instruments include, Platinum resistance temperature indicator, Thermistor temperature indicator, Thermocouple (type K, nickel-chrome, nickel-aluminium) temperature indicator with multi-way selector switches, Millivolt meter.

All of the electronic indicators provide re-transmission signals for use either by user supplied chart recorders/data acquisition systems or the optional Data Acquisition System.

Specifications and resources

2 x Type K Thermocouples (exposed)
2 x Type K Thermocouples (shrouded)
2 x Type T Thermocouples (shrouded)
2 x Type J Thermocouples (shrouded)
1 x Thermistor Probe
1 x Vapour Pressure Dial Gauge - Bi Metalic Dial Gauge 0-120°C
1 x Handheld Digital Multimeter