Product number: HSM6

Two parallel sets of brackets are secured to a rigid vertical support (not supplied) a distance apart in a vertical line. Two wire specimens of the same length have one end attached to the upper bracket. The other end of each wire is attached to a vernier slide which slides through the lower bracket.

Each lower bracket has an extension scale attached, whilst the vernier slides have a vernier scale attached. Both allow extensions of 0.1mm to be measured. The vernier slides are both connected by a common link to ensure equal and balanced loading of each wire. A Load hanger can be moved along the link until strains are equalised in each wire. A level indicator is supplied to aid equalisation of strain.

A set of 6 wires is supplied of differing materials and diameters.

Specifications and resources

2 x upper and 2 x lower wall brackets, set 300mm apart
2 x vernier slides
6 x wire test specimens provided:
- 16swg (Ø1.62mm) Brass wire
- 18swg (Ø1.22mm) Brass wire
- 20swg (Ø0.91mm) brass wire
- 18swg (Ø1.22mm) Aluminium wire
- 18swg (Ø1.22mm) Copper wire
- 20swg (Ø0.91mm) Steel wire
Extensions slides calibrated from 0…70mm, with 1mm resolution
Vernier scales calibrated from 0…1mm, with 0.1mm resolution