Product number: F100

The Hilton F100 Airflow System has been specifically designed to allow students to investigate a wide range of and low speed air flow phenomena and fundamental aerodynamics. The base unit consists of a large capacity variable speed centrifugal fan with a separate aerodynamically designed plenum chamber containing multiple screens, flow straightener and acceleration section. The fan and plenum chamber are connected by a length of flexible hose and this allows the two components to be arranged in a variety of convenient locations either at bench or floor level.

A large number of optional ducts may be attached to the plenum discharge that allow investigation of airflow on the positive side of the fan. In addition there are optional items that attach to the suction or intake side of the fan.

The ability to utilise both the intake and discharge sides of the fan, together with a continuously expanding range of optional accessories makes the Hilton F100 Airflow System a very flexible and cost effective unit.

Specifications and resources

Plenum Discharge: 100mm x 50mm