Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with the Power of Four – we’ve been focused on this number as we mark the launch of the fourth generation of our world-renowned suite of equipment for teaching the principles of heat exchange.

The H102 is our flagship heat exchange unit and you can read about it here, along with details of the four main heat exchangers that are used with it.

We are proud of the H102 as a key player in the line-up of our comprehensive engineering teaching range. But why buy from PA Hilton? Here are the reasons – four of them, of course!

Our heritage

PA Hilton products are in use in higher education institutions around the globe – and have been for decades. We have more than 60 years of educational success and experience and every piece of our equipment is manufactured at our headquarters in Hampshire, England – just like it always has been. Our teams have technical knowledge and quality at their core, honed by years of research, development, and feedback. In short, we know that our products work because they have been tested time and time again, semester after semester, year after year, by the people who know they can rely on them.

Hundreds of users around the globe

Teaching institutions from the USA to India, South Korea, Pakistan, China and beyond benefit from our catalogue of high-quality engineering teaching equipment. Our people travel the world to support our customers, and hundreds of students learn from our products every year.

In turn, we learn from them – so over the decades, our range has developed to take into account the feedback, needs and wish-lists of students and teaching professionals. There’s no substitute for that level of experience.


We design our products for the environments they are used in. In many cases this has practical benefits – for example, larger products that allow concepts to be demonstrated to larger groups of students than their competitors. We also design our equipment to be adaptable and upgradeable.

The heat exchange range is a case in point – the H102 base unit can be used with a range of 11 heat exchanger add-ons <link to core four blog>. Many of our products are modular, allowing customers to plan additions over time so they can extend, update and upgrade equipment assets as budget allows and technology dictates. Add-ons such as our data logger, which can feed back real-time information to be recorded on a computer, can help ensure your equipment adapts and grows with you

Best in class return on investment

We know that teaching equipment is a significant investment, and one that needs to last. Our equipment is designed and manufactured in-house by our skilled engineers and each piece is thoroughly tested. Proof of the longevity of our products can be found in the hundreds of units that have been in operation in teaching institutions around the world for many years.

We support our customers long after their equipment is purchased and installed. We offer on-site installation and commissioning services and training sessions to help institutions get the most out of their investment. Every piece of equipment benefits from our QRL guarantee of Quality, Repeatability and Longevity, and our upgraded five-year warranty.

We don’t just make products - we build strong, lasting relationships with the people who use them.

See here for our full range of products, and visit here to contact our team.