Product number: HFN6

The apparatus consists of a flywheel on a horizontal shaft carried in a pair of similar bearings, the flywheel being used to even out small variations in friction. The shaft is of mild steel, and interchangeable bearings in a range of materials are provided.

This experiment provides an opportunity to study journal bearing friction over a range of commonly used materials including a self lubricating sintered bronze. For comparison a ball bearing is supplied to demonstrate the advantages of rolling rather than sliding contact.

Torque is applied by a loaded cord wrapped round the flywheel shaft. A set of calibrated weights and load hanger is supplied for loading the flywheel.


Specifications and resources

Wall mounted apparatus. Can also utilise the HAC14 vertical stand as an alternative to drilling and wall mounting
Ships complete with four bearing materials - cast iron, Tufnel, sintered bronze and ball bearing
Load hanger applies torque to flywheel
Calibrated weights set supplied: 10 x 0.1N, 1 x 1N, 2 x 2N, 1 x 5N, 2 x 10N, 10 x 0.2N
Disk size approximately 300mm (Dia) x 40,mm (W). Can double as flywheel apparatus if required